Guy Sutton was gracious enough to share this with us. 

Check this link for Loop 1 info.

Besides bearing evidence of Guy’s superhuman badassery, this link can help provide you with some more course insight*, including a GPS’d route of the tricker singletrack sections in May Valley.
Use it for good, not evil.

*note: this track shows some minor detours, such as an optional jaunt into Idyllwild for refreshment. As a reminder, detours to public places are fair game, but you’ll have to ride every bit of the Enduro route to complete it. ie, go to the grocery store and rejoin the route at the same intersection you departed from.




RSVP’d riders should have received cue sheets & maps for the route by now.

If you haven’t, please drop an email with your name & town to

Know what you’re getting in to. This is an exceedingly difficult ride, going through remote & imposing areas, a long ways from medical assistance & other benefits of civilization.  This is NOT for a weekend warrior. You are expected to ride the entire route, self supported with no assistance of any kind. This includes but is not limited to wilderness nagivation, mechanical support, food & water, etc.
It is not a closed route, expect to encounter motorized vehicles, equestrians, hikers, hunters, and other trail users. You will be on public roads, highways, and singletrack, interacting with the general public- act accordingly, obey the rules of the trail & road. Study the maps & cue sheets, print them out. Expect NO prepared materials on the day of the ride.
We provide the route, suggested start time, and tabulated times- nothing else. Prepare as if you were riding the route solo. Read & understand the course rules here:

Other info:

Detailed route info will be available on the cue sheets and maps.

Public water sources (natural & municipal) are available near the start, at mile 22, off route near mile 33, and again at mile 46. There are NO viable water sources on the second loop whatsoever.

Time for a very fast rider on the first loop has been 5- 5 1/2 hours, and 2- 3 hours for the second loop.

Camping info will be available upon RSVP.

Start list with RSVP’d riders will be published next week.