The 2011 San Jacinto Enduro was a hit!

It was the fastest year, with great weather… and smiles for miles. We’re working up some more info to share here. In the mean time, check the results page.

Also check out the sneak peek video from John & Rebecca of My Idyllwild. Check their Facebook page here.

If their teaser is any indication, it’ll be a great piece of video once it’s completed.


Join us for carb loading Friday at 5:30

We’ll have spaghetti with red sauce (meatballs on the side for the carnivorous), bread & cheese. It’s coming from none other than Cafe Aroma, one of Idyllwild’s finest restaurants/social clubs.
Your special HUB Cyclery cost for this meal is five bucks a head.
Map to The HUB.

Edit: Please drop a line to the Enduro email addy if you think you might come. We’ll order accordingly.
See you there.

“Every minute I stay in this room, I get weaker, and every minute Charlie squats in the bush, he gets stronger.”
– Apocalypse Now

Reports have been coming in from Enduroheads out on course. Riding. Training. Strategizing. Timing.
Word’s come in of at least one sub 7-hour full practice loop time, and many other blazing segment times.

The big day is getting closer. 

RSVP’d riders should have received cue sheets & maps for the route by now.

If you haven’t, please drop an email with your name & town to

Know what you’re getting in to. This is an exceedingly difficult ride, going through remote & imposing areas, a long ways from medical assistance & other benefits of civilization.  This is NOT for a weekend warrior. You are expected to ride the entire route, self supported with no assistance of any kind. This includes but is not limited to wilderness nagivation, mechanical support, food & water, etc.
It is not a closed route, expect to encounter motorized vehicles, equestrians, hikers, hunters, and other trail users. You will be on public roads, highways, and singletrack, interacting with the general public- act accordingly, obey the rules of the trail & road. Study the maps & cue sheets, print them out. Expect NO prepared materials on the day of the ride.
We provide the route, suggested start time, and tabulated times- nothing else. Prepare as if you were riding the route solo. Read & understand the course rules here:

Other info:

Detailed route info will be available on the cue sheets and maps.

Public water sources (natural & municipal) are available near the start, at mile 22, off route near mile 33, and again at mile 46. There are NO viable water sources on the second loop whatsoever.

Time for a very fast rider on the first loop has been 5- 5 1/2 hours, and 2- 3 hours for the second loop.

Camping info will be available upon RSVP.

Start list with RSVP’d riders will be published next week.


The cue sheets are verified & we’re just about ready to go!

The route has closer to 11k in climbing, NOT 16k. Again, that’s 11,000 ft in climbing, not 16,000… sorry for the confusion. We have local superstud, Todd Carpenter to thank for verifying the route & cue sheets with his supergadget.

RSVP info– drop an email to if you plan to attend. You will receive a digital copy 0f the map, cue sheets, and other relevant ride & camping information. All attendees must RSVP!

Ride start time is 6am.

We will have two Tour Divide veterans in attendance, though only one is racing… the other is pregnant and will likely be seen around camp eating for two.

On that note, mark your calendars for Mary Metcalf-Collier’s Tour Divide presentation at the Rainbow Inn, Idyllwild on October 21st. There will be a wine & cheese reception at 5:30pm, followed by a slide show & lecture from 6-7pm. It’s free! Dinner to follow at the Gastrognome.


We have the course broken down into two loops

… which total about 70 miles, 11,000 ft of climbing.

The first loop leaves from the Lake Hemet Campground at O-Dark Thirty on race day… probably with a neutral rollout to first dirt, about a mile away. From there, you’ll climb a good portion of Thomas Mountain and start your sufferfest. The loop features jaw-dropping views & fast descending on Rouse Ridge, and a long, satisfying climb up to Idyllwild.

Loop one works out to about 48 miles.

Loop 1 ends with some of our best singletrack, in May Valley. Most of the area’s mtb visitors miss this good stuff when they ride the 24 hour course… Ride the local good stuff.

(the stash trails you see on locals’ blogs)

TOPO! San Diego and Surrounding Recreational Areas - LOOP2.TPO

Loop 2

Upon return from loop 1, you will have the option to proceed on the full route, which tours ranch land and climbs through chaparral up to the pines of Thomas Mountain. At the high point of your climb you’ll turn on to Ramona Trail for a perma-grin descent on technical singletrack.

TOPO! San Diego and Surrounding Recreational Areas - LOOP2.TPO

More to come:

We are finalizing a highly detailed set of cue sheets, which will be available soon. Also, we’ll be hosting a large digital file of both map segments to print at home.

RSVP: we’re going to ask all participants/attendees to RSVP for the ride. Details to follow.

Some shots from the route

Thomas Mountain/ Ramona Trail



view of Cahuilla Mountain, across Anza Valley



Rouse Ridge/ 5S06/ Idyllwild





May Valley



Garner Valley