Join us for carb loading Friday at 5:30

We’ll have spaghetti with red sauce (meatballs on the side for the carnivorous), bread & cheese. It’s coming from none other than Cafe Aroma, one of Idyllwild’s finest restaurants/social clubs.
Your special HUB Cyclery cost for this meal is five bucks a head.
Map to The HUB.

Edit: Please drop a line to the Enduro email addy if you think you might come. We’ll order accordingly.
See you there.


From Nick:

“I am hoping the non-management will be so kind as to allow my entry to the mustache comp through electronic submission. Please consider the first image my official entry. The second image is a lil something special for the ladies…I call it: “SexyTime.” “


Why is Nick submitting electronically, you ask?
Because he’ll be a DAD at any moment now, and needs to shave down ASAP so as to not taint (‘taint?) his family’s photos forever. Yeah, his woman’s due date is the same day as the Enduro, and things just got real 


Let the fun begin.

The date is set for Saturday, October 29.

Judging by the number of early RSVP’s from Enduro vets and other hard-men, it looks like it’ll be a good year for strong riding.

We might have some course changes, but we’ll finalize them sooner than later so as to facilitate your map review and strategy. We will not provide gpx files. Consider that sort of thing part of your very own top-secret preparation.

Cold, damp, warm, dry, and grueling.

The 2010 San Jacinto Enduro is in the books. Bleary eyed mountain bikers gathered in a public campsite to review the course and talk about safety at 5:45am. We started out at 6am with lights on in the cold, damp after a couple weeks of steady rain on Mt San Jacinto.

We climbed Thomas Mountain and were rewarded with a fantastic sunrise above the clouds. Did anyone get a picture of that?

A friendly motorcyclist greeted us on Rouse Ridge with doughnuts. No kidding! Later, riders made their way past a surprise aid station just before hitting May Valley singletrack. Kelly & Mary staffed the suprise aid station, complete with marshmallow cheerios treats, apples, bananas, and oranges. Trail magic at its best.

Dave had the eye of the tiger.

Eric Nelson, a 2010 Tour Divide alum was greeted by the family.

The Mann Show


While we had fewer riders this year (many no shows likely because of questionable weather) the riders who did come were hammers.
The course ran very fast this year with damp, hardpacked roads. The first man and first woman(n) riders posted times 35-39 minutes faster than their respective records from last year. The singlespeed record was shattered by more than an hour and a half.
The first loop was highlighted by cool temps, dramatic weather in the surrounding mountains, and some surprise traffic on the roads.
In contrast, the second loop was sunny, warm, and drier. Riders reported rough conditions on this year’s additional singletrack, the Morris Creek trail.

Also on the second loop, riders found yet another surprise:

Abbey explains the finer details of home-baked trail magic.

The first rider arrived back at camp before 1pm.

Guy “20 proof” Sutton posted the fastest course time.

Dan “shakedown” Wilcox of Homebrewed Components crushed the singlespeed time. Amazingly, he did this on his brand new bike. The SJ Enduro was one heck of a shakedown ride!

Allison “wo-mann” Man beat her own record.

Nick “when’s the start” Zielinski started a good ten minutes late but managed to catch a lot of the group by the end of the first loop. He made up more time on the second loop after waiting, fruitlessly, for a good-for-nothing rider who’d decided to wrap it up after the first loop.

The two newest bikes on the course. The one on the left was a day old, the one on the right was two weeks old.

After the ride, a number of peeps stuck around the campsite to trade stories and make plans for the “next big ride.”

Freddie explains how he narrowly fought off a mountain lion attack on the trail.

Dave takes in the scene after a long day on the bike.





The SJ Enduro gives no prizes. Ever.

However, the first man, woman, and singlespeeder to finish the entire course find/earn one of these. Can you guess which ones are dedicated to whom?

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