September 2011

“Every minute I stay in this room, I get weaker, and every minute Charlie squats in the bush, he gets stronger.”
– Apocalypse Now

Reports have been coming in from Enduroheads out on course. Riding. Training. Strategizing. Timing.
Word’s come in of at least one sub 7-hour full practice loop time, and many other blazing segment times.

The big day is getting closer. 


Grow for the gold…
Not fast enough to win? Maybe you’re swarthy enough to look good trying.
All Enduro racers will automatically entered into our ancillary moustache competition. Primes may or may not be offered on course for creative and original nose neighbors. Awards will be given apres ride by a panel of female judges for the very best mo’.


We’re unofficially pre-riding Loop 2 Saturday, October 1st. 

Meet at Hub Cyclery at 8am Saturday. Come prepared to ride Loop 2 plus a bit of May Valley trails between the shop and Garner Valley. Social pace.


By popular demand, we’re sharing some info with y’all dedicated Enduro fans. 

First off, if you want to ride: drop a line to to RSVP. Consider this blog post the official “Game On” for the RSVP race. But please read the FAQ below first. Shit!


What time do we start riding?
6am! Yeah, like cold and dark o’clock.

 Will people be camping? Where?
Yep, the last two years we’ve had camping at the Start/Finish area. It’s free. But last year it was friggin’ cold. Maybe not as bad this year? Dunno… cross your fingers. The camp area is easy to get to by common road vehicles, ie, you don’t need 4wd. The brave will carry on festivities well after sundown the night before.

What’s the course like?
It’s tough. about 78 miles and maybe just shy of 11,000 feet in climbing for the whole shebang. We have two courses; everyone will do the 48 mile Loop 1, only the brave will go on for Loop 2. Most of the route is doubletrack, but you’ll need to be on your game for the singletrack sections. (maybe 20 miles?)

When do we get the cues?
Soon. RSVP to first and be patient. We’re changing the course a little from 2010 and need to rework it. And since you ain’t payin’ us to do it, we ain’t in that big of a rush. Give it a week or so.

Do you have GPS files?
Hell no. We provide the route info, cues, and time tabulation. Nothing else. If you think a GPS route will be beneficial- as it very well may be- it’s up to you to build it out yourself. Consider it your “edge.”

Since it’s free, can I just RSVP and wait a while to decide if I’ll show?
Hell no. Be brave, commit to this ride, and spend the next 50-some days hardening up. You might not be able to harden up that fast? Too bad, you still need to come get your suffer on.

Will you do a pre-ride?
We’re talking about doing a pre-ride of Lap 1 maybe the weekend of Sep 24th or Oct 1st. Let us know which date you might be interested to join in.

Do you cap the field? How come?
Yes, we have been capping the field at 40 riders. That’s a reasonable number to garner a tough, solid field and still be well within legal limits to host the event without a permit. It’s free, ya know… we want to keep it that way. Phantom riders will be tarred & feathered.