So let’s do this.

The time is nigh to get the word out, hammer out a date, and do some riding. Got any ideas?

Here’s some more thoughts to consider:

– we have a short winter up here, relatively speaking. We can host this as late as November- or as early as March- and enjoy comfortable temps & good trail conditions.

– we have a County Park within walking distance of town center, and plenty of B & B’s and hotels. You can drive up the mountain, park, get out, lock the car & throw away the keys. You won’t need ’em until you’re done. Everything in town is accessible by foot or bicycle traffic.

– Our route can go off the mountain, and into the desert. With climate zones in the pines, the chaparral, high desert, and low desert. Elevation high point in the 6K range (possibly as high as 8.5K) and as low as 1K in the desert. Expect some climbing.

– Also expect some tasty singletrack. Much more technical than you may expect in So Cal. Trail surfaces can include decomposed granite, boulders, rocks, sand, and washboard.

– Awards. Yes, we will have them. No, they won’t be worth much. But they’ll be good nonetheless.